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the public security check steals what things, the urgent matter of the moment wants to arrest burglar to bring to the court for prosecution, the sweat wildly emitting forces alcohol, summon for spirit to learn a leaf jade tiger, on jumping the next 12 class step, the result gave the Wei the feet.
Make use of a leaf jade tiger the honour dedicate a body to change come of order some scene, Liao learns a soldier to try book to take to complete and make use of empty remaining leather paper bag try book to pack like.According to the old style write last two yearses 2 classes to re- put well, the whole instauration original kind, the Nie hand Nie feet come out, the public security has already followed behind the footprint of leaf jade tiger to walk into flower nursery.
There being office lighting on the fifth flooring is bright, the chemistry teacher is working overtime the chemicals amount of a little bit pure new purchase, tomorrow will check in the Department of Financial Analysis to these goods, time allows of no and procrastinates."A, two, three, four, 5 ……" count over the first again number the second, Hun however don't discover own of voice give pass Mu cloud the clean and pure mind left to obliterate of shadow.
Turn over a fence, also have no on a quietness pedestrian of the avenue of circle lake road, along fence root Lin Yin Dao who walk to the front door, the leaf jade tiger has already stood to stay for a while over there.
"Seek a place first to stop for a rest to do an answer, tomorrow morning divide to recite from memory for the students, leaf jade tiger, go to how is your house?"Liao learns a soldier to split how head is.
The leaf jade tiger shakes head brush-off:"My house doesn't go and slip away out so late haven't returned to, affirmation suffered beating tomorrow, in case of again take what grotesque person go home, my mama didn't chop I can not."
Liao learns a soldier to say:"In the morning the first is to test a language, that let's go to the house in the Dan of shell Xiao?Let her do all of the topics of the tests."
"?"Leaf jade tiger a surprised under, foolish live, he was romantic and natural and unrestrained, liked to dress up as most at ordinary times cool, but on involving the topic of the Dan of relevant shell Xiao, the brain became stupid many, stammer way:"So late harass her?She again Be different from our boy consumedly, want to play much and all late can, person in the home will scold her."
Old Liao took out a cellular phone to leaving no chance to explain stir the number of the Dan of shell Xiao, the leaf jade tiger treated and obstructed already too late, put a smelly face to say:"That you by yourselves go to good, I regain a house to sleep to early feel."Closing too anxious to world of Mu cloud is greatly disorderly, hurriedly block a leaf jade tiger Be strange to say with smile:"The in a dream lover's house, drinks cup tea also well, in case person toward thinking Mu to think, the soul doesn't guard something to give up."
Is again bold at ordinary times, what all not concerned boy, face to like a girl will also feeling not from have been already shrunken back, besides want to come home in be a guest, and is so rude dead hour!The leaf's jade tiger nerve strain also calculates as usual.
The voice of Du Du ring for a long time just someone answer:"Feed?You BE?"
"Feed, my dearest small Dan Dan" Liao learns a soldier to learn the tune of leaf jade tiger:"Reach is your to kiss elder brother Liao in person."
The shell Xiao Dan tone lightly says:", Teacher Liao, very late, have what matter?"
Liao learns a soldier:"I and leaf jade tiger, pass Mu cloud classmate 3 people can go without the house and coldly freeze now, we are cold and hungry, want to drink a cup in your home hot does the tea go or not?"
The shell Xiao Dan rushes toward Chi a smile:"Is all right, where are you ?I let the driver pick you up."
The BMW passes a wreath mountain highway and stops in the front door of shell surname luxurious residence, the mouth of the leaf jade tiger Zhang Cheng"O" form, "still think the shell Xiao Dan house is just generally rich, exaggerated too much, absolutely can not imagine, the extravagance arrived this kind of situation and longed for day and night."
The doorway opens, the servant bows to humblely say with smile:"Several Mr. Weis, the young lady is waiting you on the second floor."Imitate Buddha time to flow back European palace of returning to 18th century, don't see the pass Mu cloud breath of dying the noodles quickly stop, magnificent in the hall, Ceng of literally a table the next skin can arrive up he whole set house be, all of everythings are so magnificent, only movie in just can the thing seeing present at at present.
Each the details that with meticulous care set out pounds at their brains, they was what a kind of mindset while just realizing the great view park of entering of maternal grandmother Liu at this time.

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