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Su Bing Yun feels Mo the Tai asininity always not is to don't make sense, saw the other party, just started purely pure action of Anne as smoked as she dye, but a good partner of stand, how scarcely move and then can hit one good ball of recording, the partner is a how important matter!
Liao learned a soldier to win one bureau, the sun gradual west fell, the field in the second bureau Mo the Tai always finally and difficultly pull penny once, it's the other party kickoff's turn, suddenly and after death have a girl call way:
The pain dies I!"Mo always Tai, Su's attention of ice cloud early not concentration on the match field, can not control feelings back overdo go to, sees small crab pliers wear sun in Europe beautiful Fang of big toe."See what to see!Catch the ball quickly!"Liao learns a soldier to drink a way.
Mo Tai always returns to absolute being, a circular object flies to him, immediately and involuntarily, body anteversion, two feet separate, eyes tightly stare at and concentrate on and sink a waist firm horse, 4 gathers together grip and heads for to a thing."Mao!"This is a foot to contain eight catties of multiple big coconuts, steady be to be to press at Mo always the finger of Tai up, connect the person toghter take to lie prone on the sandy beach up, the palm is pressed into a sand, bottom backward Gao Gao Jue rise, the posture wants to be much difficult to see have much difficult see, send out in the crowd a burst of coax to smile, unexpectedly is considered as him clown to treat.
Mo Tai always holds aching finger Nu way:"Liao learns a soldier, you make what title, is easy to have fun BE?"Su ice cloud turns a head selling exhibition outside ten slippers and sunglasses, fisherman's hat says:"Teacher Mo, I didn't play, you sought another 1 for repair."What?
Say not to have fun or not.
This lets Mo the face of Tai always go toward where put?
Like at him respond quickly, loudly way:"The skies all have already been getting blacker, again keep on playing nothing important meaning all, teacher Liao, you continue with the students, we return to hotel first."Many people see Liao to learn a soldier to change volleyball with the coconut, but don't take into to remind, is to want to wait to see to be gamesome, the leading role wants to walk and speaks an obstruction in succession at this time:"Teacher Mo, three bureaus two win, your finishing losing this bureau first to walk again isn't late either."Mo always Tai should only do don't hear, in quick time walk to Su ice cloud nearby, say with smile:"Teacher Su waits to descend us to have dinner together."Liao learns a soldier lightly loose loose win ball, plus just brave save the performance of falling the child, let many people to his in different light, although ratio will exercise, motor nerve not strong Mo the Tai be always good friends with up a lot of.
The one party is defeated and flees, one square energetic and daring, that eliminate this long, round at Liao and learn the female student beside the soldier to compare just not to know many how much.
Particularly is little nurse, Lin Su Xing, quality no matter, the person who will know for himself encourage, calls and jumps and imitates if old Liao's faithful FANS.
Receive a soldier, the inside wry smile in Li Yu center writes to think:"See to a girl still compare like better a mature man 1:00, all female kids were all attracted to two teachers, stayed don't remain for our 1:00s."Return to a hotel hereafter buy two Ji row razor, try very hard to pare off bottom just expect Sai to help, in order to stimulate a hair follicle to grow, also want to grow to is like the beard residue that teacher Liao so has a vicissitudes of life at least.
The sky has already wiped black, the end of distance sea sends out golden Xuan purpose Xia light, the visitor brings up camera to take photo to keep as memory in succession, Liao learned soldier's destination an eye Mu permit blue fall, purely and purely say to Anne:"Anne's classmate, for thanking your to devote major efforts to match with, I invite you to eat seafood to be used as to recompense."Liao learns a soldier to greatly welcome and is used as his partner, Anne purely and purely also has the felling of "with have glory how" and at that moment nods to promise:"Good."The Cui government stretches out a head:"Anne is purely pure, in fact the teacher lives very hard of, you don't bother him, is still that I invite you to eat.""BE so."Anne is purely pure toward the vision that teacher Liao embraces to comprehend:"That still don't , the seafood here not calculates expensive, but also expensive."The Cui government is horizontal to put one Gang, Liao learns a soldier to a little bit do a lot of thinking understand cause and effect:"The good boy wants to fling off girl friend, is to have a liking for the more deluxe, however you just one meter 74, more purely purely still short than Anne one Li rice, does the somebody else see up you?"His of course not may shout loudly like fool:"In fact I am very rich,

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