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knows that the hind legs, that tatoo absolutely has a problem, asks her to sit down and says:"On backing 625, too tired last night, the morning had no to get up on time, what activity did you all have?"
Su ice cloud knits the brows to took a look the cripple thick soup leftover rice of wolf book of table's top, as far as possible Ping-ho's saying:"Is also with teacher Mo, senior clerk goes'trip to going fishing'played a meeting, snared to pepperystomach-ache Diao of a very big flower tail, at least have ten catties of heavy, teacher Liao, I have a problem to want to ask you."
The words head turns very suddenly, Liao learns once the soldier listen to and then know, the next problem of this woman certainly wants to ask him a tatoo.The other people tattoo, all of nothing buts are dragons, tiger shape, or imply the writing of special meaning, some beauties of, make righteousness special pattern, sign, position mostly in the shoulder department, chest, arm, some more obvious places like ankle,etc, rise adornment effect, acquire side the person envy of vision.
Even if what to stab is a plant category, also mostly the female like to stab up a very small of plum flower, the rose shows by doing, or is in remembrance of.Is like the Tan flower that Liao learns a soldier, the wood grain is complicated, the layer is clear, the lines is fine, delineate vivid, if Yuan the art object sort beauty is beautiful, is can hardly see, also specially stab in the small of the back and accept the position of the hip, other people a see and then will leave a strong impression.
She once counter-questioned Liao to learn a soldier and said the tatoo on his body for not only decade, from among this sentence can predict, Su ice cloud definitely once saw Liao learning a soldier by decade.
Where does Liao learn a soldier before decade?At that time he returned only have 18 years old, elegance just luxuriant, is exactly flicked scold square the age of the way, just get into medium the sea University of East Asia started degenerative university career.The way of thinking is far and not and up the maturity today, because the narrow circumstances of family, the blemish of oneself, the short Zhu of knowledge, experienced some final outcomes to let the in love that people disappoint.
Those smug and arrogant classmate, dignity snobbish tutor, 11 brush past in the brain, can be partial to and then don't recall to is some a short moment concerning ordering of Su ice cloud.
"Teacher Su, wants to ask me what question, the still private problem of official business?"He devotes one's minds of looking at eyes of ice cloud of Su, want to observe a little clues from it.
"Do I want that knowing that teacher Liao has in the afternoon is empty, can accompany me to upper stream in the volcano island to have fun?"
Alone does the beauty invitation go on a tour?Liao learns a soldier to tumble glasses, the stunned short moment guesses behind that she still walks twists about route, the purpose is still a tatoo, certainly, oneself also wants to know Su before decade why does ice cloud know him.Want to know before decade she only has 14 years old, should not understand anything just right.Smile and then say:"Is bright, the sunlight is bright and beautiful, go together with beauty is exactly beg it not get."
Distance in the volcano island enchants 24 nautical miles in the island and also belongs to the tour category of off the trail island and owns special volcano geography, its volcanic crater, sea eclipse, tropical plant, living creature of natural phenomena view, have very high tour and research value.Green tree in the whole island is thick, the weather is pleasant, and the scene is exquisite, be rated as heaven on earth.
"Like, we silently go, don't make the other people know."Su's tone of ice cloud is still very not smooth, don't seem to be secretly a girl who date the man at 1:00, pour like general in the routine business:"You had better change a good-looking clothes, don't wear so tiresomely and also have, I hope you can be a little bit more cultured in the bearing of lady's in front and study from teacher Mo more study, the somebody else is so falsely an orthodox gentleman, is different from you through, first etc., I take a sun block."
Liao learns once the lazy waist of soldier stretch and sit sofa once up, say:"It so still keep not being going, have no interest."
"Why, you just not is promise?"
Liao learned a soldier to order smoke and slowly vomited a smoke turn, slowly didn't talk and waited Su ice cloud start have impatient air just say:"You invite me to play at the volcano island, for the sake of amusement holiday, be not take part in what gentleman judge and decide."
Su ice cloud bites:"I just consider the case as it stands, you wear the personal status of dress how really not, might it not be because this you from vulgar?The big man speaks a few lines and then gets angry, also true too ridiculous."Tell the truth, she still really has never seen a so proundhearted man, in the school, who is to unusually respect to her, connect music teacher Lyu Kai,

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