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Drive once old Liao say, leaf small ginkgo however discover that oneself's ability really needs to be strengthened, "start you doing not appear pottery virtuous Lin that establishes for person, person much strength is big, they weave to put out my relation, the net opens wide, however reshuffle hereafter collapsed to break up for the land, only remembered the influence of mafia at that time."
This guy really doesn't make people rest assured, Liao learns a soldier to have to change to inquiring south younger brother:"Begin all is what person, see clear?"
The south younger brother ashamedly shakes head and says:"Those all at the midnight, I drink specially to inebriate, the brain is muddled to sink, see persons all become a heavy shadow, about arrived a heap of pours of situation, dint don't say to be beaten to have no to resist, be even the persons didn't see pure."
"How is that bureau chief Yan's circumstance?"
"Do not lift, as usual is what didn't see."
Liao's learning a soldier is lost in thought in, this regulation that the one who help to assault acquaints with the member of the hooligan, start cruelty, clean benefit Suo, explain intelligence report well done, the ability is strong.3 are attacked affairs property severity, time of front isn't and far separated, the skill is consistent, explains is the in the same camp person does, this person stares at his hooligan to have a period of time.
"There is no information on mafia recently?"
"The nothing important information is Mo Lao Wu and south city's Long Er Dou severe, however have relation with us?"
"."Liao learns a soldier light in response to the way, stiring a telephone the Xiang is to the shell a life time:"Mr. Bei, the small Dan Dan came home, nothing important, worry her peace or chaos, make a telephone call to ask, since Be free good, I concern a student very much."
The shell a life time Xiang elaborates severals, suddenly topic a turn:"Mr. Liao, do you exactly have to much and greatly hold to kill to thank son badge?He isn't a general boxing hand, have already kept a place not to hurt a record, all persons who challenge him are defeated, and everyone is optimistic about you now."
"H'm?Have I ever when once said to be seeking to thank bothering of son badge?***, I isn't to get fed up with living again, don't why and not seek him to will never be able to?"
The shell a life time Xiang is equally also very strange:"Do not you all not say that you will soon be used as the representative of west city Mo Lao Wu and representative's Xie Zi Hui's affair of honor of Long Er?How?Still have what hidden facts?"
Liao's learning a soldier absolutely could not touch brains:"Open what international fun, his Mo Lao Wu gave I what advantage make me take part in dead to living Dou?Lao Tze is burned currently, can so good carefree and contented mood, the hooligan is had a liking for, and just thinking way solution, you under charge Mu violent intelligence report net, check clear backstage for me poison hand again say."
Bei Shi Xiang thinks all need not think:"I understood, the information was what Mo Lao Wu spreads come, he wants to force you to fill for his, as for beat the person whom the hooligan bothers, naturally, is what Long Er does."
Liao learns a soldier disillusion to also come over:"Mo Lao Wu this recruits to let everybody abhorrence, on letting out information, Long Er's natureses thought of to guard against, he a survey discover that I am just hooligan's eldest brother and have no an another identity and want to pass this way orders precept for me.Like, you again for me confirm for a while, I wait your telephone after 30 minutes, mama of, there is the impulse that the kind put out Mo Lao Wu and Long Er at the same time, none of 2 people are a good thing."
The leaf is in vain small words way:"Is a south city Long Er?Have no Yuan to have no enemy with him, incredibly so vicious, wait I to set out for a while, put out this boy."
"Do not excite, Long Er isn't so deal with of, only the hooligan is absolutely not enough he sees, this matter stays to me like, you with concentration development arbitrate of relation, never on all sides hard enemy."Apple a side says, use penknife quickly and pared again greatly and round, the left hand middle finger thumb suppresses the head and bottom of apple respectively and turns several turns, along edgy fly one is long and thin, very even apple skin, pass to south younger brother:"Ha ha, eat more some nourishment."
"Elder brother Bing's knife method's returning is really top-grade."Leaf the small white Be small to clap one Ma Pi of recording.
Shortly after shell a life time the telephone of the Xiang calls back to come over:"The hand that really is under Long Er, old five he is anxious to beg, adopted such inadvisable plan, you didn't want to be excessive to blame and scold, information on spreading, Long Er feels to begin to the hooligan,

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