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A few male classmates joined a crowd for fun together the voice exclaim, each other to hope, the eyeful can not believe of color, immediately draw on whole class classmates to all pass by.
The parasol tree forest Yin way slides past two cars, one is lengthened Cadillac, one is a treasure, stop the flower nursery before the building the side is in the teaching, behind of the BMW jump a man of black western dress.In quick time polite before walking to the Cadillac but humblely open a car door.-----The all these says at the tulip senior high school and not much see, can be also in no case seldom seen, rich billionaire's sons returns to get less this cheap trick.
The key lies in, a boy who looks around to living Zi puts on airs on the Cadillac of stand down, whole body pen western dress for standing, tailor in proper form, the shape that that boy slightly lose and have a little, the slanting shoulder Chen must have poise very much.Then the only the most top-class designer and tailors can do so good.The wrist is an enough physical labor private's watch, especially the idea turns over a gusset outside, clear eye person's one eye sees one that is a capacity version of physical labor private, engrave a degree to inset but become with the thin ground diamond, chain's taking is the gold with 18 Ks.Fastenned a sea blue tie on the lovely son, wore a sunglasses with long spectacle frame, the hair lately once cut, hair feet, hair slightly, hair style all has been handled perfectly, let this boy than anticipate in of have to be much handsome.
Many students pour to take out a cool spirit, good heavens, isn't this the summer however?If this matter jade tiger happens at the leaf, shell Xiao the Dan , on the Cui government body, can't make people surprised too much, it happened that he is however a summer.
Summer however of bottom everyone in the house is obvious to all, although the home has a little chord,the parents are thrifty in food and expenses, also just enough he reads tulip, zero flower, post bail to protect a fee just, all multiply by a bus to up and down learn at ordinary times, home appliances have no similar is new, have ever been to the persons of his house and all know, that condition with decline a door bad not how much.
Don't know whether get old Liao packs to force of a true oral tradition still a summer however have already practiced numerous times in the home.White that he natural and unrestrainedly picks up nearby black western dress man to pass compares a towel to lightly wipe the back of the hand, then throws back to that man.
This with formerly trivial cowardice of the summer however form fresh clear contrast, in everyone's eyes, he is the pronoun that has mercy on an insect, he loves to eat snack and wear dress have no personal status, there is no elegant fondness for, and still like to watch yellow small movie especially, study result lowly, although occasionally at drive extreme incitement after express some ambition, but don't lead several day that ambition be called that the mindset letting what willing do well enough alone whetted to walk, is a dog and then can hurtle him to yell, the kindest student can also want money on the his hand.
But the all theses all changed, the summer however became nouveau riche!
Send forth strong perfume flavor in classroom, the diamond Shan of the physical labor private's watch gets person's two eyes dim-sighted, summer however the waist pole is straight, often twist body, peep out waist a crocodile skin belt, only use satisfied two wordses perhaps description not the summer at the moment is however a kind of to step on high in the clouds in his look in the eyes, a face myriad living things small pride.
Leaf jade tiger dynasty Chen You Nian hoped one eye, Chen You annual convention idea, touch dismount to expect to walk in the past, occupy vantage point of say with smile:"The summer classmate goes out to trample dog's dung and picked up money?"
The summer however sees don't see as well, nose a hum:"The guy of Ai eye gives me the aroint thee."
Chen You Nian ate one one step of being surprised, retreating for his vehemence the Zhe, immediately the disillusion comes over, fierce clap a to say summer however shoulder, sneer way:"How, have how many filthy lucres Chong big Ye?See your this body foppery, the protection fee in this week must rise."Sun in Europe beautiful Fang a few women see him put on an act and all forbid not to live to cover mouth to keep smiling.
The summer however starts to grasp Chen You Nian's hand to jilt a flank:"Do not take your dirty hand to touch indiscriminately."His words just finished saying and had already got an ear of eldest brother pared off son, the clear and crisp sound resounded in the classroom.
Chen You Nian just thought a derision, the summer however overthrew table fierce rushed toward in his body.
Clenched collar of dress to also backstroke one box on the ear.Is public all surprised Be getting more foolish, the summer however and incredibly dares to also strike back,

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